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10 signs your dads a feminist but doesnt know it

10 signs your dad’s a feminist but doesn’t know it

Feminism – it’s a term that some people consider to hold various negative connotations. But in fact, it’s really as simple as believing in equality. 

Whether they’d call themselves feminists or not, we say thanks to all the feminist dads who aspire for a better world for their daughters and stand for gender equality. 

A father’s influence is huge - supportive fathers can help us to have higher levels of self-esteem and improved life satisfaction as a whole. That’s why dads can play a crucial role in influencing our perceptions around gender equality for both boys and girls. 

Still not sure if your dad would call himself a feminist? Take part in this short quiz to find out if your dad is a feminist but doesn’t necessarily know it. 

Say thanks to your #FeministDad

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