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Sex and Relationships Education Its my right

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Why you need to back mandatory SRE:

Sexual offenceson school premises have doubled in recent years to an average of 10 each school day

Five different Select Committees of MPs have recommended it for young people

70% of childrenaged 11-15 in England think the government should make sure all children have school lessons on sex and relationships

A photo of Ambrin, from the Youth Advisory Panel

It allows you to be in control

"I think learning about sex and relationship education is really important as it allows you to be in control and stop people taking advantage of you." - Ambrin, 15, practising Muslim 

From Muslim to Christian beliefs, from girls to boys, and from diverse sexual orientations – these young people all have one thing in common. They’re calling for mandatory sex and relationships education. 

What the UK public says about SRE:

85% of the publicagreed SRE should be made mandatory

Three-quartersback education about the impact of pornography

Nearly 9 in 10support the need for education about consent

More than 7 in 10want children to learn about the risks of 'sexting'

Who’s supporting the campaign

"Digital mobile phones and 24-hour-a-day access to the online world are an everyday part of British childhood. As a result most children will have seen online pornography before they leave primary school and will have been asked for a sexual digital image of themselves by a friend before they leave secondary school.

“Parents and children know they need help and that is why I want compulsory lessons at school to help children better understand the signs of an abusive relationship, issues such as consent and the harm that is done by sexting and underage viewing of pornography.”

Maria Miller MP, Conservative party, Chair, Women and Equalities Select Committee

“The demand for compulsory PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) is growing by the week. Not only do employers support it, but MPs from across the House of Commons do too. There is no more excuse for hesitation – the Government should back this bill today.”

Caroline Lucas MP, Green Party  

“It’s really important that the next generation of young people get the life skills they need to have healthy sex and relationships, by ensuring their sex education includes consent, LGBT relationships, STIs and HIV, not just reproduction and body parts”

Jess Phillips MP, Labour Party

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