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Stoned by a bully

Stoned by a bully

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Sophin wasn’t deterred about going back to school after the attack, “I have mental courage and I was determined to continue my studies although I experienced this.”

Plan has helped to reduce violence against girls in Sophin’s school.

“Those who see this video, I would like you to know that violence against girls is happening a lot throughout the world. I would like you to end violence against girls. And encourage girls so that more girls could have chances to go to school.

I would like to tell you that girls should be able to go to school without fear.

Educating a girl ensures that she can make her own choices, be economically independent and grow up healthy and happy, and knowing her rights. But we need to make sure she can learn without fear.

It costs just £11.76 to train a community leader in girls' rights. Help support our work so girls like Sophin can safely go to school.

Our work

Helps girls like Sophin to #learnwithoutfear